Given our flexibility and technical proficiencies, Body Dimensions specializes in make to order manufacturing. In layman terms, we generally make to specific order requirements based on customer request. Additionally, we adhere to the principles of lean manufacturing as well as GMP compliant processes.

Above all else, quality products are the bedrock of our operation. We pay exquisite attention to every dimension of your order, your product line, your idea because….it is yours. You wouldn’t want someone ruining all the hard work you put into your brainchild, so we tend to go the distance when it comes to all products that leave our facility.

Our combination batch processing and warehouse facility in the Mott Haven area of New York City has the capacity to run a variety of batch sizes depending on the product category. Here are some stats to demonstrate what we are capable of:

-4900 gallons of liquid product storage capacity
-MRP Inventory/Tracking Processing System
-Mixing / Jacketed Kettles (Various Sizes)
-Reactors (Various Sizes)
-In-Line Fillers, 6-8 head (Adjustable)
-Form, Fill & Seal Machinery (For tubes)
-Temperature controlled storage capacity (labels, product and packaging)
-Extensive Water softening, UV purification systems.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on minimums, lead times, capabilities, research, etc.