Since the company’s inception, Body Dimensions has always stayed true to the tenets of lean and flexible manufacturing processes. Moreover, we are frequently at the vanguard of current market trends and analysis. Combine these aspects and what you get is a company at the cusp of innovation.

Today, we have an incredible capacity for custom design and development. Using a wide network of packaging sources, label companies, fragrance house and graphic designers; we can create a completely new and marketable product. We have streamlined processes dedicated to formulating, packaging, shipping and distributing your new product to the right market, your ideal market.

And our innovation doesn’t just stop at product creation. Even after your project is up and running; our team of experts are on a continuous mission to improve, improve and improve.

Here are some of the few basic services we provide for custom design and development:

– Custom Formulation Services
– Formulation Analysis
– Compliance and Regulatory Analysis
– Package Sourcing
– Troubleshooting Services
– Carrier/Freight Sourcing
– Distribution Services

Lastly, we here at Body Dimensions do our best to make sure everything exchanged between parties (ourselves and our clients) is held to the highest degree of confidentiality. This way, the free flow of ideas of processes and can yield the maximum result.