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Welcome to our products listing. Through our years of ongoing experience and experimentation we have put together a grand collection of our highest performing formulations for public purchase. Most formulations are available in sizes ranging from 10 mL to 5 gallons and come with detailed descriptions of usage, ingredients, etc. If you are a cosmetic formulator, a home-based entrepreneur, or you are simply someone who likes to try awesome personal care products; we invite you to take a peek at our offerings.


A collection of personal care and cosmetic ingredients both common and not-so-common.


Like any good retail space, we have the occasional cost saving deal. Check them our here.


A collection of personal care pet products specially made to care for you household pets.

Skin & Hair Care

Here is a subcategory of bases and ingredients that are specific to Skin and Hair Care


Sanitizers and cleansers of varying kinds. Choose the one that best suits your purposes.


The lump sum of all formulations in our inventory; complete with informative data to help you formulate something brand new.