Body Dimensions has strict quality control testing standards and procedures that are applied at all stages of production. Also, as a GMP compliant facility, we closely follow industry testing norms. Our goal, as always, is to make your product market-ready and hassle free from the first production batch to the last.

Common Testing Procedures Include:

• Testing of Raw Materials
• Quality Control Testing (During Production)
• Stability Testing (After Production) And for new product development

In addition to standard production testing, Body Dimensions can conduct specialized routine testing services for your production runs. Specialized testing is conducted either on our facility or offsite as required. Common customized testing procedures include but are not limited to the following:

• Formaldehyde Testing
• Microbial Assay/Analysis
• Toxicology Analysis
• Metal Speciation
• DI and Ultra Pure Water Testing
• Failure Analysis
• Ionic Chromatography

Our team of expert formulators, batchmakers and consultants can be contacted at anytime for testing descriptions and details. Also, we have the ability to make timely development of MSDS sheets, Certificates of Analysis and Product Specification Sheets for your product line, at your behest.